Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposits from ESAF allows you to build up your small savings. Small investments made at fixed intervals can be availed to meet your personal needs. With a wide range of options to choose from and with features such as online banking, depositing money could never get better. Over and above, we have an excellent customer support team to answer your queries, From among the options such as regular RD, Flexible RD and Group based RD, choose the account that best fits your needs:


Partial payments are not possible.

If you wish to prematurely liquidate your Recurring Deposit. We request you to submit your Recurring Deposit advice or written instruction, duly signed by all account holders, at the branch for premature liquidation of your Recurring deposit.
Alternatively, you can liquidate your Recurring Deposits through NetBanking. This facility will be available for Recurring Deposit held under "Sole Owner (SOW)" relationship only and which are booked from Singly Owned Savings or Current Accounts.

Yes, there is a nomination facility on the Recurring Deposit account.

The maximum installment amount you can open a Recurring Deposit account with is INR 14,99,900/- per month.

Right now there is no overdraft facility for Recurring Deposits.