Doorstep Banking Services - ESAF Small Finance Bank

Doorstep Banking Services

The following Doorstep Banking Services are available at our branches.

  • Cash pickup.
  • Cash delivery.
  • Cheque pickup
Salient Features of the Scheme:
  • The facility will be available for Senior Citizen, above the age of 70 and differently abled / infirm persons with medically certified chronic illness or disability. (Differently abled / Infirm customers to submit Medical Certificate to avail the Doorstep Banking
  • The facility will be available for Cash delivery, Cash pickup and cheque pick up only.
  • The amount involved per transaction is capped at Rs.20000/- for cash transaction and unlimited for cheque pick up.
  • The facility will be available only within a radius of 5 Km of the branch.
  • The requests received till 11am will be fulfilled on the same day and the requests received after 11 am will be serviced on a best effort basis on the same day or next working day.
  • Cash delivery facility will be available only for self drawn cheques and not withdrawal slips.
  • Pickup and delivery will be permitted only from / to the Registered address of the customer.
  • No Service charges for Doorstep Banking Faclility will be levied upto 31.03.2020 . Charges will be applicable as per the schedule of charges w.e.f 01.04.2020.